With deepest sorrow, Institute of Psychology, CAS and Chinese Psychological Society announce the passing away of Prof. Jing, Qicheng, an internationally well known psychologist, academician of TWAS and remarkable leader of psychological science in China, at 12:45, 28 September 2008 at the age of 82. He passed away due to sudden heart attack. He was sent to the Second Artillery Forces General Hospital PLA, Beijing immediately after his heart attack.
   Prof. Jing, Qicheng was a senior professor of the Institute of Psychology, CAS. He served as the vice-director of Institute of Psychology, CAS, and the president of the Chinese Psychological Society and the vice-president of the International Union of Psychological Science. Professor Jing started his career as a psychologist since 1942. For 66 years, he devoted himself to the development of psychology and made great efforts to promote it, even to the very last second of his life for the prosperity of Chinese psychology cause. His study í░Research on Visual Perception of Colorí▒ not only has a world-wide influence but also plays an important role for the industrial development of China. Some of his students have become the backbones in Chinese psychological community. His work to introduce Chinese psychological study to the world has made China an important member in international psychological field. He has won numerous international prizes and fames and is the first psychologist among TWAS academicians. And his work has greatly improved the influence of psychology in world sciences. Professor Jing also worked as a chairperson of the committee of CAS Democratic League. He was also a member of National Committee of the 7th and 8th Chinese Peopleí»s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). He loved China and Chinese people, and showed his selfless devotion to the cause of development of the country.
   The unexpected passing of Professor Jing, Qicheng is a great loss of Chinese psychology. We should turn grief into strength, carry on the unfulfilled cause of Professor Jing, Qicheng and make more efforts for the development of Chinese psychological science and social development of China.
   As decided by the Institute of Psychology, CAS, and all entertainment activities are suspended from this date to 12:00 PM October 8th 2008, to show our deep condolence to Professor Jing, Qicheng.

Funeral Committee for Professor Jing, QiCheng  
September 30th, 2008   

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